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42 Restaurants Features

42 restaurants is an application built for the iPhone - the focus is on exquisite design, delicious recipes and amazing restaurants. The application is a perfect match for home gourmets, professional chefs, fine diners and lovers of amazing food. Restaurant guide meets gourmet cookbook.

Main Features:

  • A delectable recipe with an overview, ingredients, preparation method, suggested wine pairing, amount of people served and preparation time - for every restaurant.
  • Measurements in Imperial and Metric so that nobody needs to be lost in translation.
  • The ability to store as favorites all the recipes you love.
  • Share recipes with friends over email.
  • Information about each restaurant, its ambience, food and what makes it so successful and appealing to its patrons.
  • Contact information for the restaurants in the form of an e-mail address, phone number and street address. This allows you to contact the restaurant immediately - helped out by the fact that these details are being viewed on a cellphone.
  • The exact GPS location of the restaurants. As the iPhone has a built in GPS receiver and uses Google Maps, you will be able to get a route from your current location directly to the restaurant’s front door.
  • Additional information, such as bios on the chefs and photographs of its staff and interior. 42 Restaurants is not only about the food, it's about the people that create and serve the food. It's also about the ambience and character of the restaurant. A lot of time and effort has been put into making each restaurant an amazing place to be and we want to convey that effort.
  • High quality photographs of the recipe and restaurant. The application features over 200 dazzling full-screen images.
  • A completely unique design for every restaurant bringing the unique character of each dish to life. View Gallery »
  • Our list includes 40 Michelin Stars altogether. Many James Beard award winning chefs, as well as restaurants listed in the
    S. Pellegrino list of World’s 50 and 100 best restaurants is included. View List »